Gay Conversion App Still Available on Google Play Despite Request For Removal

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But Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust insists that there are vital issues of personal freedom at stake.

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A petition to remove the app, being dubbed the 'pray away the gay' app, has already been signed by more than 38, people.

Информацию, теперь Gay Conversion App Still Available on Google Play Despite Request For Removal

We win the argument by allowing their viewpoint to reveal its horrible flaws, not by giving international corporations even more power to control out lives. Under the banner of Core Issues Trust, he takes part in media debates, makes films, produces pamphlets, lobbies politicians.

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  • Google is resisting pressure to remove what appears to be a "conversion therapy" app for gay people from the Google Play store after Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft all banned the service.
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  • An online petition calling on Google to remove the app has received almost 40, signatures since it surfaced a week ago on Change. The app, from the religious group Living Home Ministries , was already removed from Apple's App store in December after Truth Wins Out created a similar online petition to plead its case.
  • The removal comes after Google faced pressure from other groups. A Change.
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Google finally pulls gay conversion therapy app after backlash New York Post. And those whose index finger was longer than their ring finger were more likely to be employed in a stereotypically female career, such as nursing or primary school teaching. By any standard, the app is awful.

Gay Conversion App Still Available on Google Play Despite Request For Removal

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  • Google's Play Store is currently hosting a gay conversion therapy In December, after a petition and widespread outcry, Apple removed the app, Amazon followed suit soon thereafter, but the app is still live on Google's Play Store. for 16 years, despite passing the Democratic-controlled state Assembly. Why is Google's online store still offering an “ex-gay” app that targets LGBT youth for the dangerous and ineffective practice of conversion therapy Please sign our petition to demand that Google stop procrastinating and immediately remove​.
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  • Mar 29,  · A gay conversion therapy app has been removed from the Apple App Store and the Amazon App Store, but remains on the Google Play Store. Google is . Mar 29,  · Google has removed an app from the Google Play store which encouraged gay people to go through "conversion therapy," following complaints from LGBT groups. Google still hasn't removed an app which allows users to report "heresy" to Indonesia's strict Muslim government, however, nor has the company removed a Saudi Arabian app which allows men to track women and limit their .
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  • The antigay app is still available for download from Google's Play Store, and allies who said the app promoted gay conversion therapy. The petition, hosted on, demands that Google “stop the app from their platforms, but so far Google has refused despite our warnings about the dangers. advice on 'conversion therapy' is still on Google's Play Store despite A petition to remove the app, being dubbed the 'pray away the gay'.
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