Gay Lisbon Resources

Jan 27, No Gay Lisbon Resources. They focus on gay-friendly destinations, tours, and festivals. You could easily spend a week or two in Lisbon visiting the numerous monuments, lookout points, historic plazas, museums, beaches and parks.

Gay Lisbon Resources

Be warned that there is no adequate public transport around this area, so if you're trying to get to here, take a taxi. Thanks Nate. List your Gay bar, club or event in Portugal, Gay Lisbon Resources love to have you Gay Lisbon Resources - contact Advertising. Finalmente Club — one of the most popular and classic clubs in Lisbon and the only one open during the week.

This is a beautiful city with many things to do and see. The gay night-life happens mostly in the weekends.

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It has plenty of gay bars, clubs, and even neighbourhoods like Principe Real. The property is cosmopolitan and trendy with a blend of old and new. Things will get crazy — but just go with it! Lisbon's gay scene also became very European. And yes or course there are always more places than we list.

As night life starts late, first Gay Lisbon Resources delicious food and wine in one of Gay Lisbon Resources traditional restaurants in Bairro Alto. See the World Expo or one of the very large shopping malls.

  • By day this capital city offers twisting alleyways, world-class museums, carefree dining, and understated glamour — all served with idyllic views thanks to the cities seven hills setting — but trust us when we say that at night is when Lisbon really slays!
  • Since the 's, there have been huge advances in gay liberation in Portugal, though the bigger cities of Lisbon , Porto and the more cosmopolitan Algarve region are more accepting than the largely conservative countryside. Lisbon in June , Porto and Leiria hold Gay Pride marches but other than these events Portugal's gay community can keep a low profile.

See the list of gay bars in town, and also check out Trombeta Bath if you're looking for a sauna. My partner and I are very excited after reading your Website its been a great help in planning the trip. There are various ways of getting there.

It's at the northern end of Bairro Alto, just across the big main Rua da Escola Politecnica from the Jardim Botanico a spectacular botanical garden well worth a visit. Twitter 28, Followers. Just a few minutes away from the traditional districts of Bairro Alto, Chiado and St.

Gay Lisbon Resources

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