Thailand’s Gay Chat Forums… Do They Have a Future? –

Where Thailand’s Gay Chat Forums… Do They Have a Future? – could gay men of all ages be so free? Gay Scene Update — December An expat retired there? He noted though that Grindr is a public platform, and that should be kept in mind when deciding what to put in profiles.

I remember one of the posters I had befriended tell me in a pm that, even though we could all join and find each other on the larger board, he was sad because he considered our board like the corner store where everybody knew each other and had a comfortable environment.

If you are interested in boys chat online then the TWS app is the right tool for you. Finding out why many thousands of gay expats in Thailand do not even know about the Boards and how they might be encouraged to become posters.

With children's innocent nature and the anonymity of the Internet, cyberbullies often try to exploit them by entering these sites. Posted July 27, No login and no registration is needed to join our free chat rooms. Gold leaf museum in Mandalay.

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A successful relationship is incumbent on the actions of both parties involved, and the face a farang gains or loses greatly impacts the face of the Thai he is with. It just took several years longer for Dave to reach the same conclusion.

You know better. Which really means you may be wondering how to avoid having a little Thai ladyboy wannabe getting fucked on your lap.

  • But this one, tucked away in a hillside north of Bangkok, is unusual. It was built a decade ago to be a hospice, a place where AIDS patients come to die with dignity.
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  • After all, age is just a number.
  • Posts about the gay gogo bar scene in Thailand. Gay GoGo Bars , Offs.

Privacy and chat For many people, online privacy is a huge concern. Some like the bars. Online strangers like to chat with thousands of other users on the TWS website.

Thailand’s Gay Chat Forums… Do They Have a Future? –

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  • Sep 13,  · Thailand’s Gay Chat Forums Do They Have a Future? – Part 1. Or is Thailand on your plans for the future? Think back for a moment to the s and s when it was a must-visit country for many from the west and the Antipodes. Where else could gay men of all ages be so free? After landing at the old Don Mueang airport, you could cast. Oct 02,  · The weirdest thread on is one with by far the largest number of views and posts – over , and 3, respectively!! This contains photos of young Asian guys, naked only from the waist up with an occasional nude rear shot.
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  • Mar 12,  · Thailand’s Gay Chat Forums Do They Have a Future? has just posted the second of a two-part article on the future outlook for the three main gay chat Forums in Thailand -, and These include the personal views of a pair of writers who spoke to a number of posters from. Jun 13,  · The three gay Thailand boards are not engaging in some sort of post numbers or membership numbers competition. Most people seem to choose the board they like the best and if they have something they want to say, that's the board they usually post on. I have a feeling those same people read all three gay Thailand boards anyway.
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  • Jul 11,  · Gay People in Thailand; Subscribe To Newsletter. BANGKOK. Existing user? Sign In. Dec 19,  · Now, some ATM providers are even cutting the number of free to use machines, due to the fees they get being halved. More and more people bank online and have no need to ever go into a bank, other than to set up their account, now you can even do that online.
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